9th Annual IronFit Tri-Challenge

9th Annual IronFit Tri-Challenge will run from April 19 - May 30.

Run, row or swim, and bike one of the three distances in the allotted 6 weeks.

Sign up on the clipboard at the front desk in the fitness center and receive your distance log sheets.

Log sheets will be kept in the fitness center at all times. You will have a weekly log sheet, that will be collected EOD Tuesday of the following week. You are responsible for logging your distances after each workout. Please do not forget to log your distances! Back dating WILL NOT be accepted. Everyone will be able to view their weekly progress on the big chart.

  • Olympic
    • 6.2 mile run
    • 1500 meter swim or 6000 meter row
    • 24.8 mile bike
  • Half Iron Man
    • 13.1 mile run
    • 1900 meter swim or 7600 meter row
    • 56 mile bike
  • Iron Man
    • 26.2 mile run
    • 3800 meter swim or 15200 meter row
    • 112 mile bike

Prizes awarded upon completion. 

For more information call 717-605-8147.