Little Creek - Spring into Fitness 300 - Rep Partner Challenge

Join JEB Little Creek MWR Fitness & Sports on Wednesday, March 17 for a Spring into Fitness 300 - Rep Partner Challenge. Test your coordination and speed by completing 300 repetitions of partner-assisted exercises in the fastest time. The challenge can be completed anytime on March 17. Provide your total time and pictures of you and your teammates success following completion of the challenge. The top two registered teams who post their time and upload photos will receive a prize. Selfies are highly encouraged. Online registration is required. 


For more information, please call 757-462-2399.

Start your time at the beginning of each round and continue the clock until all three rounds are complete only stopping the clock to take a break in between rounds. DO NOT RESET THE TIME AFTER BREAK JUST CONTINUE. Take a picture of your total time to be submitted and a picture of you and your teammate. Have fun! 

Teams of 2 will complete 25 reps of 4 exercises for 3 rounds as fast as they can: 

Hand Clap Pushups: Both partners will lower into a pushup then at the top clap their right hand with each other. They will repeat pushups alternating hands. Only correctly performed pushups will count. 
Partner Reaction Lunge: One partner will stand behind the other. The partner in back will “push” the front partner forward so that they have to react and catch themselves in a lunge. They will then push back from the lunge and come back to standing. Once they are back standing, their partner will push them again alternating legs with each push. The pushes should be hard enough that the partner is challenged to react and catch themselves without being pushed over. The partner being pushed must wait to be pushed before lunging. The harder the push, the harder the move will be. The team members can decide who wants to lunge and who wants to push. 
Underhand Overs:
Partner one will get into either a high plank or downward dog position. Partner two will crawl under. Partner one will then transition to a low plank and partner two will hop over. Alternate partners.  
Wall Sit with Overhead Press/Plank High Holds: Partner one will perform a wall sit at 90° and hold a medicine ball or weighted object. Partner two will place their feet on partner one legs and hold a plank while partner one completes overhead presses. Partner two must hold a correct plank and partner one must stay at 90° for reps to count.